Why My Ukiah?

Eli tacos

Buen provecho

Ukiah (pronounced you-KAI-ah) is the county seat of Mendocino in northern California. Its 15,000 residents comprise a rich and tolerant community based on farming, wine production, tourism, government and community organizations, and yes, growing marijuana.

I stumbled upon Ukiah in the spring of 2012 after a lifetime of looking for where I belong in the world.  Now that I’ve found it I never want to leave.

This blog is about my daily life as a freelance writer and editor who tends to take walks and bike rides, garden and cook when not working. I love reading about people who use unusual ingredients in elaborate recipes, but I rarely prepare them myself. My methods are simple, and I’ve noticed that the simpler way is often overlooked as somehow inferior.

If you’re looking for recipes using ingredients you’re likely to have on hand that are ready in 12 steps or less, or if you’re interested in the small-town life of a one-time city girl, welcome. I think you’ll be surprised at what Ukiah has to offer. I was!


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