Carson & Bees

If you’re still reading this… thanks for sticking with me. Now that I’m working a “real” job plus a few contract jobs, I haven’t found much time to write any personal blogs. The good news is, as Carson’s semi-official business and marketing manager, I have been writing over on his site:

I’m not shutting My Ukiah down, but it has definitely taken a back seat for the time being. If you want to feel connected to what’s going on down here, please follow me over there!

Normally I would insert a cute picture of Carson and me here, but the last one we had taken together was months ago! I also didn’t write anything sweet to commemorate our second anniversary like I did on the first (though I think this qualifies). I’m making a mental note to have a picture taken of us, and also to remind Carson that I love the crap out of him.