Yogurt cookies and house plants

It’s been awhile since I posted a recipe – or anything, really! – and I found myself with a drizzly afternoon, a sick boyfriend on the couch, and a carton of Greek yogurt that needed to be used before I hit the road for a work trip this Sunday. I took to the internet and searched for “Greek yogurt cookies.” I whipped up a batch of both of these recipes, more or less faithfully:

I made the chocolate chip cookies without any modifications, except I only used 1 cup of chocolate chips because that’s what I had. Interestingly, this recipe doesn’t call for any fat other than the yogurt. I wondered if I would regret not greasing the (nonstick) sheet, but they came off pretty easily. The dough is very elastic and the cookies puff up into a spongy, quick bread texture. For the second round I put a tiny pat of butter under each cookie and also added some cinnamon. The butter created a slightly crispy, salty bottom but it wasn’t necessary.
With more Greek yogurt to use, I next made the brown sugar cookies. I used 1/2 cup butter and an extra 1/2 cup yogurt because 1) I wasn’t feeling up to putting two sticks of butter in a single cookie recipe and 2) I had a lot of Greek yogurt to use. These cookies were essentially the same as the first recipe; a little more biscuity and without chocolate of course (so a little on the boring side), but I’m sure they would have flattened out and crisped up (like the sugar cookie I was hoping for) if I’d used the full amount of butter.
yogurt cookies

Chocolate chip on the left, brown sugar on the right.

With more daylight and, remarkably, more energy (it’s been a long week!) I tackled another project: repotting two of my plants. One is a marble queen that Susan gave me for Christmas – which needed to be repotted way back then – and the other is a precious spider plant I’ve had since the fourth grade that hasn’t gotten a new home in years.

plant repot

Meeting for the first time for a nice, cool shower.

I bought two new big pots for them so now I have two medium-sized pots to upgrade some other plants, sort of like snails swapping shells. I also cut about 25 babies off the mama, so if anyone wants a spider plant, let me know!