A new Bee in our hive

Waaay back in June, Carson and I decided to get a dog. After months of going to the pound and the Humane Society, we finally found the perfect pooch. Meet Beatrice, aka “Bee”:

Meeting Bee

She’s about 10 months old but close to fully grown at 40 lbs. She’s definitely black lab but beyond that is anyone’s guess; possibly boxer? She has short, soft hair, great teeth, and a happy-go-lucky attitude that is beyond endearing. She’s smart and eager to please. She sleeps in her kennel all night long without barking or even whining. She loves the car, and everyone is a friend (humans and dogs alike).

She also loves:

Bee persimmon

Persimmons (luckily we have the seedless kind because apparently the seeds make dogs sick)

Bee staredown

Playing (and only stares at you sadly for a few moments if you aren’t in a playful mood)

Bee lounging

Being on the couch (but she has to be invited)

nap time

Being on the couch with a friend (she will contort into any position if it means more snuggle time)

I promise I won’t be one of those people who is constantly writing about and posting pictures and videos of our dog, but she is pretty darn cute so it might slip in occasionally. If you are interested in seeing her in action, check out two of her “firsts,” both at Lake Mendocino: first time off-leash and first time in the water. (So glad she is a water dog!) The video doesn’t really show how funny she was in the water – she ran laps back and forth, back and forth in the shallow end, and didn’t want to leave when I finally pulled her out, dripping wet and grinning.

Many thanks to the Ukiah Animal Shelter for connecting us with our ideal dog, who was found “wandering on the streets.” Also thanks to whoever loved her for the first 10 months of her life (the pound guessed she was a “travelling dog” aka the pet of a homeless person). She shows no signs of trauma so we don’t think she was abused, and she also wasn’t significantly underfed or in bad shape in any way, truly a blessing for her and for us.

If you’re in the area and you haven’t already, come and meet Bee – she’ll be your best friend!



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