Labor Day weekend, Paul Bunyan style

For Labor Day weekend, I was invited to Sarah’s birthday dinner (where I drank a decent amount of wine and yes, licked my plate clean). She wrote about it here, and I can only add that it was a joy and an honor to participate. Also, Mendo Bistro blew me away. I will definitely be going back.

Labor Day weekend in Fort Bragg = Paul Bunyan Days. Last year I went with Sara (who has been toughing it out in Alaska all summer) and Whitney. We had a BLAST, even though I embarrassed the hell out of myself by taking a picture with Smokey (the) Bear and proudly exclaiming that my boyfriend was CalFire, only to discover that they all knew him (and his ex…). At the time we had barely been together for 3 months, and hadn’t seen each other in a month due to all those dang fires. I was sweating bullets that he’d be mad or embarrassed too, but it was his first of many opportunities to prove how good natured he truly is. It might have been the final push I needed to fall 100% in love with him (awww).

Paul Bunyan 2012

Me in 2012, before I realized just how tiny this county is (despite its massive square mileage).

Anyhoo, this year I went with Whitney and we met up with Sarah and her crew just in time to catch the last of the axe throwing competition. They put a beer in the center of the target, so bulls-eye hits are especially explosive. After that we watched sawing, chopping, choker races, and kids’ pillow fighting. There’s a girl who started competing when she was 12, and her dad has been named the all-around winner something like five or six times. I recognized a lot of the faces from last year. Also like last year, they announced that the event is “environmentally friendly” and asked us to conserve resources and recycle. I LOVE THIS EVENT AND THIS COUNTY SO MUCH.

axe throwing


pillow fight

Eli and Paul

I avoided Smokey this year…


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