How to make your own sprouts

I love salads, and I love sprouts, so sprouting grains should be a no-brainer for me. I’m home all day so I have plenty of time to rinse grains and shake a jar from time to time, yet I didn’t get around to actually trying to sprout grains until this week. I must have suffered from the misconception that it would be time consuming, and I hadn’t prioritized it as a new kitchen project until I saw one of those fun mesh lids at the Ukiah Natural Foods Co-Op. From there I hit the bulk spices section where they have a truly impressive collection of grain-sprouting options. I opted for “salad mix” and took my goodies home.

I arbitrarily decided to start with 1/3 cup:

sprouts - before

Happily, 1/3 cup was the exact right amount! Here are my sprouts, 3 days later:

sprouts - after

(Kimchi in the background… more on that later)

It’s ridiculously easy. Here’s how you do it.

1) Put 1/3 cup of your chosen grain or mix in a quart-size jar. (You can find sprouting grains at your local co-op or make your own mix from seeds. Also, apparently red lentils make delicious sprouts.) Top it with a mesh lid, or if you don’t have one, use a square of fabric with the ring screwed over it.

2) Soak in warm water and leave overnight.

3) Drain in the AM. Then, rinse and shake the grain twice a day for 3 days. (I did this by simply running water over the mesh lid and pouring it back out.)

4) Refrigerate and eat! Should keep for a week or so.


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