Lost and Found

I have a long history of losing my wallet. I have no idea why, but for some reason I have a tendency to set my wallet down and walk away from it. Bad habit, right? But it always comes back. I have left my wallet at a coffee shop in Philadelphia, a Subway sandwich shop in Crescent City, a Safeway in Seattle. I think there are more but I can’t remember.

I think I do it subconsciously to restore my faith in humanity. I have even had it stolen and gotten it back! (The other time it was stolen was at knifepoint in Argentina, so I can forgive the universe for not getting that one back to me and I hope the dude really needed my crappy cell phone, house keys, and $12.)

About a month ago, I lost my wallet again. I retraced my steps, called all the places I’d been, and turned up nothing. But still, I held out hope. I did eventually cancel my debit card (after checking it daily for fraudulent activity), more because I wanted access to my bank account than anything. Part of me thought I’d set it in a drawer or other dark corner of the house (another weird habit) and that I’d unearth it at some point. I never really gave up hope that I’d see it again. I did finally decide that I needed a replacement license, so after four weeks I went to the DMV.

That night, my esthetician texted me saying someone had posted my found wallet on Facebook.

It was at the same little convenience store where I left it, only that stop was such a blip on the radar that I had totally forgotten going in the first place. The cash was still in it ($26!) and other than some roughing up of the leather since they had literally hung it up with my ID facing out in case someone recognized it, it was intact. (Ironically, I bought this wallet years ago in Argentina).

So thank you, Little Baker’s Market in Redwood Valley, for once again restoring my faith. And for the $26… the exact amount it cost to replace my license.


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