Downtown Ukiah: Clothes for Gals

It’s a pleasant surprise how many clothing shops a farming community of 20,000 can support, all within walking distance of my house. Here’s a little about the ones I’ve frequented.

Labels: Consignment/Resale on State and Standley

LabelsThis is hands down my favorite place to shop in Ukiah. A young family owns the place and they’re lovely. They often have their toddler in the store which provides great entertainment, especially when he starts laughing. They are very choosy with what they take to resell, so the clothes are always in good shape and style. The prices are spot-on and often well below what I would expect. I got a beautiful Michael Kors dress (with the original price tag of $200 still attached) for $40. The only drawback are the hours – I wish they were open more often!

Encore: Consignment/Resale on Standley between School and State

Just up the street from Labels, this consignment store caters to a slightly older audience with excellent quality clothes at good prices. I’m still young enough to find things in young adult sections and old enough to like what I find in more mature sections of stores, so Encore and Labels are both right up my alley.

La TreLa Tre: New clothes on School and Standley

Just across from Encore, this boutique is way out of my league. I can’t even afford the discount rack. However, for those with cash to spend on wardrobe items there are some excellent clothes to be had here. They also sell men’s clothes which is nice for the fashionable fellas in the community.

Jax: New clothes on School between Perkins and Standley


There’s a lot to like about Jax. First, there’s a $20 rack – always my favorite feature of a new clothes store. Second, they offer the biggest range in prices and sizes of any store in Ukiah. If you want to spend $10 on a tank or $100 on a dress, you can do it from small up to 3x. Third, the women who work here are always very helpful and manage to be conversational in a way that is friendly, not pressure-y. Definitely worth your time.

Liv: New clothes on School and Perkins

Just across the street from Jax, Liv has a $20 rack but be warned: if you’re over a size 8, nothing in this store will fit you. And guess what? They don’t care. The first (and only) time I went in there tried on two dresses, a top, and a pair of shorts, all size “large”. None of them fit. I asked the girl working if they had considered carrying larger sizes to accommodate more women (and therefore generate more business), and she suggested I shop at a plus size store. Wow. (This is how “plus size” I am, FYI.) Suffice to say I don’t take my business there, but it’s no great loss – the clothes are overpriced and flimsy. This is really only worth it if you’re a skinny girl and you go straight to the $20 rack.

Mode: New clothes on School and Seminary

This new boutique opened recently, and according to the proprietors business has been good. It’s always heartening to hear that a young business is succeeding, and I will definitely support them. Apparently the owners also do personal styling and the name is a bit confusing (“Mode Exclusive Styling Boutique”) but the store is open to all. Prices are in the $30-$50 range for most items, but they do have that most beloved of all retail features: the $20 rack.

Where do you like to shop in downtown Ukiah? Are there any places that I missed?


One thought on “Downtown Ukiah: Clothes for Gals

  1. Love Labels!! Ouch to Liv… The owner is a great lady, maybe her representatives need a little brush up on their customer service skills, but I have never experienced them being rude. LaTre is pricy, but amazing quality. You get what you pay for;) I haven’t shopped at the other store listed, but I can say that the people/owners of Boutique 120 and Shoe Fly and Sock are horrendously rude.

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