Ukiah Airport Day

Several weeks ago I was standing in line at the Civic Center waiting to pay our utility bill when I saw a flyer for Ukiah Airport Day. Since then it has been posted on our refrigerator, and I asked everyone I knew if they wanted to go with me. I was met with mostly blank stares. The good news is, Carson returned from a shift this morning so he was a captured – er, captive – audience.

To the airport we went!

airport day

It’s kind of hard to take a picture that encapsulates Airport Day, since it’s just a lot of people walking around a lot of planes with food and snocone vendors sprinkled throughout. The planes were really interesting to see, with lots of old fellas from World War II that you could pay a pretty penny to go up in. I couldn’t believe how small some of the planes were, but I didn’t take any good pictures to share.

Carson CalFireCarson chatted up some CalFire folks, and then someone told us that helicopter rides were only $40. “Have you ever been in a helicopter?” I asked him. “Nope.” “Me either!” That settled it, and 45 minutes later Carson and I were flying through the airspace over Ukiah in our first ever helicopter ride.

helicopter 1First he flew us over Ukiah’s Westside neighborhood where we live, and we were able to spot our house. Then we cruised over to Lake Mendocino:

helicopter lakeWe flew right over what I think is the last major pear orchard in Ukiah. Once everything was pears; now it’s mostly grapes. (Apparently the decline of fruit cocktail’s popularity and the availability of imported fruit destroyed the industry here.) It was beautiful from the air:

helicopter pears

Even though we knew the blades were 10 feet off the ground, we were both still a little nervous posing for this photo. That blade was whipping around over our heads but it’s not like we weren’t going to get the photo taken. (Well, Carson probably didn’t care.)

helicopter 2It was only a 10 minute ride but we saw a lot and got to experience a helicopter ride for fairly cheap. Considering my two most likely helicopter scenarios are tourism and medical emergency, I’m glad to have checked it off my life to-do list in the former category.

Other activities: Carson ate a hot dog and I had a popsicle, plus I got a CalFire sticker. I’m calling this event a total success!


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