Hot weather musing

Spring in Ukiah is like summer in Seattle, and I’m not used to all of this gardening and outdoor recreating so early in the year! Today it was over 90 degrees and Susan and I went for a swim up at Cow Mountain, the first of many dips I’ll take this spring/summer.

Cow Mountain pond

Then I came home and gardened for two hours. My last task of the evening was making a list of everything else that needs to be done. I hope Carson is excited by all my progress whenever he gets home. (Loved that 4:00 am wake-up call.)

It’s been exceptionally hot around here, but with any luck the temperature is going to dip on Sunday and possibly even bring some much needed rain. I  just transplanted tomatoes and seeded several areas with wildflowers, we still have lots of little starts in the ground and I’ll be putting in squash and cucumbers tomorrow. I’m sure they’d all love a nice fresh drink from Mother Nature.

This evening I pinched sucker branches off our larger tomato plants, then crushed the leaves in my hand and breathed the tomato smell deep into my soul. Cheesy I know, but there’s nothing that transports me to the highs of summer faster than that pungent smell.

tomatoes and basil

There’s a cricket that lives by our garden hose. I relish his chirp. The Meyer lemon tree is in full bloom and the bees and I are both drinking it in – I’ve never lived near citrus and I had no idea their flowers were so aromatic. We also have honeysuckle which I’ve been bringing in to the kitchen for an indoor olfactory treat, and a field of California poppies along the side of our house that no one sees except our neighbors since they keep their garbage bins over there. It’s like a private take-out-the-trash garden. All of the grape vines are sending out bright green branches in every direction, and there are tiny grape clusters all over:


The two tiny olive trees are also filled with clusters, but I don’t know how olives produc e so I don’t know how much fruit it represents. We’ve been harvesting snap peas and I think, to date, four strawberries. Cherries and asparagus are in season. I think my forehead and upper arms are a tiny bit sunburned.

Right now some friends are on their way here. I just ate a 9 pm dinner and I’m about to don my Diana Ross wig to go to a 70s Dance Party at the Saturday Afternoon Club down the street. Tomorrow morning I’ll get a few starts at the farmer’s market and then I’m headed to Fort Bragg to see Whitney and go to a Mad Hatter Tea Party at the Botanical Gardens.

I’m not sure why this particular Mary Oliver quote jumps to mind, but it’s lovely any time:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

One thought on “Hot weather musing

  1. Mmm. I can almost smell those crushed tomato leaves. I thought you would be happy to know my radishes are already looking like actual radishes. Yay! It’s supposed to be in the 80’s up here by Sunday:) We definitely can’t keep up with your weather and produce though. Sounds like you’re soaking up everything Ukiah has to offer. Now go rock that Diana Ross wig!

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