Let the fire season begin

Carson is a seasonal firefighter for the state of California. A few days ago, he found out that his rehire date was May 20. Last year it was in late June (had it been earlier, we wouldn’t have met!) so May 20 is pretty early. This morning he got a call saying that his rehire date had been pushed up – way up. May 6, as in four days from now. I knew that telling me was hard on him because he’s sensitive to how the season affects me, so I grit my teeth and tried to be supportive, asking what I could do to help him get ready. I made my peace with Monday.

My peace ended about thirty minutes ago, when he walked in the door from a bee club meeting and blurted out, “I got a call tonight saying that my hire date has been pushed up to tomorrow.”

Which means that in 8 hours when he walks out the door at 5 am, fire season begins in our household. What does this look like? First, a week of re-training. Then three-day shifts (with any luck 8 am Monday to 8 am Thursday) during which he stays at the station where he is assigned in Humboldt. This would be totally fine, except these shifts turn into unpredictable lengths of time when his engine is on a fire. Last season he was gone for 40 consecutive days, so every time he leaves for a shift there’s a very real possibility that I won’t see him again for weeks. And with the dry winter we’ve had, it’s shaping up to be a busy season.

Sigh. I miss him already.


Who doesn’t love a man in uniform?

Carson fire suit

Carson in full gear last July



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