Denis Johnson’s Already Dead

A friend of mine in Seattle sent me this from Denis Johnson’s novel Already Dead, sayingthe opening passage seemed very appropriate for you.” The main character is on a road trip from Seattle to Mendocino county. How familiar…

“Van Ness felt a gladness and wonder as he drove past the small isolated towns along US 101 in Northern California, a certain interest, a yearning, because he sensed they were places a person could disappear into. They felt like little naps you might never wake up from — you might throw a tire and hike to a gas station and stumble unexpectedly onto the rest of your life, the people who would finally mean something to you, a woman, an immortal friend, a saving fellowship in the religion of some obscure church.”
This passage illustrates my own sentiments beautifully, and I’m grateful that my friend thought to share it. I read Already Dead years ago and had mixed feelings. Seems like time to revisit this one with fresh eyes!


2 thoughts on “Denis Johnson’s Already Dead

  1. That has long been one of my all time favorite books. If you need a copy of it I could send you one. I think I have 2 or 3.

    • You’re the one who got me to read it in the first place all those years ago. That would be awesome if you’re willing to send me a copy. I’ll email you my address. Thanks!!

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