Boontling and more from Boonville

My love for where I live extends beyond Ukiah. The entire county of Mendocino has captured my heart, and the local language of nearby Boonville in Anderson Valley is a perfect illustration of why this particular place in the world has my very high esteem. I can’t seem to embed the video, so click here to watch – it’s short and worth your while, I promise!

A few other Anderson Valley highlights:

  • Boonville is home to the annual Not So Simple Living Fair, which I attended last year and plan to go to again this year. It’s a magical weekend of DIY meets sustainable living. If you want to know more, click here to read about my experience last year.
  • If you love beer, the famous Anderson Valley Brewing Company is just around the corner from Boonville, and there are world-class wineries all around the valley.
  • The Anderson Valley Grange is the first solar-powered grange in the country and hosts a variety of fun and charitable events.
  • The book Boonville is a decent and funny if not stereotypical read.

I’m so grateful that Boonville is just 45 minutes away on a beautiful drive, a perfect stopping point halfway to the always breathtaking Mendocino coast.

highway 128

The road from Ukiah to Boonville: highway 253.


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