Marin Headlands Wedding

Last weekend Carson and I went to the wedding of a college friend of mine. They couldn’t have gotten better weather or a more perfect venue – the Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin near Sausalito. I was so impressed by the food (Katie Powers catering) and the wedding planner (Be Hitched in the Bay area) that I wrote them both glowing reviews.

Some of our friends drove down from Seattle and we had quite the reunion, drinking and dancing the night away. We actually had more fun than anticipated… instead of driving back we decided to stay, party, and sleep in my car! (Classy I know.)

Golden Gate bridge

Golden Gate bridge on the drive to the headlands

Eli and Carson Marin wedding

Just before the ceremony

Eli champagne

A man of many talents… Carson helped put together my outfit, recommending the brown belt to match my brown heels and also to “define my figure.” He kills me.

wedding table

From left: Aaron, Jen, Sean, Mark, and Carson. We were at the “fun table” with some of Lauren’s friends. (Aka the table in the corner… I wonder if they expected us to get rowdy?)

happy couple and scenery

They had plenty of scenic backdrops to choose from for photos. Here John holds Lauren’s train (adorable).

flip cup

That’s right… the after party featured flip cup!

hangover beach

Headlands beach the next morning… at least one of us was hung over (hint: it was me).


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