Everlasting Spring

I have never experienced such a long spring before. Every time I think the blooms will stop, something else bursts open. The roses are all about to pop, and in the meantime I’ve been enjoying the zillions of dogwoods, lilacs, and Lady Banksia that fill Ukiah’s streets. (Not to mention all the bright orange California poppies and about 20 other plants and trees currently in bloom.)

Jones St dogwoods

Jones street alone has more than a dozen dogwoods.

Gardens Dogwood

So poetic… a rose dogwood on the corner of Gardens and Mendocino.

Oak Park dogwoods

Dogwoods on Oak Park street

Lady Banksia

Ours are relatively small… some of these Lady Banksia cover entire oak trees.

cut Lady Banksia

They lasted surprisingly long inside, and filled the kitchen with a lovely scent.


Aren’t lilacs the most precious flowers? We have a white one in our yard.



One thought on “Everlasting Spring

  1. Sigh. So jealous. You are quite a bit ahead of our blooming season. I’m saying goodbye to my giant daffodils that have lasted almost a month. Yay, Spring!

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