The end of an era and “night gardening”

Since 2007 I have kept another blog, La Vida Desconocida (“the life unknown”), but today I officially put it to bed. Now that my life isn’t quite so unknown, it felt like time for a new writing venue. And that’s how My Ukiah was born.

If you’re curious about my life before Ukiah – including antics in Philadelphia, adventures in and around Seattle, and two long-term stints in Chile and Argentina – I wrote literally hundreds of pages over the years. (Or, you know, just check out the photos.)

On The Hunt

In other news, I’ve been doing what Carson calls “hunting” and what I call “night gardening.” It involves taking a flashlight or my headlamp into our garden around 9 or 10 pm, searching our baby seedlings for snails and slugs, gently removing them from the tender shoots, and stomping the holy living hell out of them.

Usually I have a hard time killing insects, which is a combination of a general compassion for life and the “yuck” factor (especially true for larger, squishier bugs). Luckily the slugs are small enough that they don’t squish too much, and somehow this struggle doesn’t extend to snails. I get a sick satisfaction out of the delicate crunch. Sometimes I even do it with my fingers. It’s kind of like popping a pimple…

I’m happy to report that there has been a serious improvement in the health of our plants, so it seems to be as effective as it is satisfying.


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