Killer Co-Op Party

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Ukiah Natural Foods  “Annual Meeting,” which is actually a kickin’ party filled with familiar faces – we went with friends, saw friends there, and made new acquaintances, too. (Ahh, small-town living. Buddies everywhere.)

The event was catered by the incomparable Tamara Frey. It was a free event, but I would have paid knowing I’d get to eat her food. Right now I’m on a low-carb regiment but there were still tons of options for me – roasted asparagus, cauliflower, and bell peppers; Greek-style gluten-free meatballs; orange and ginger chicken; that just scratches the surface of all the food available. YUM. There was also free local wine and beer; unfortunately not something I’m ingesting right now, but Carson partook and got a little tipsy which is always cute.

After dinner, music was provided by Arann Harris and the Farm Band. What a hoot! We really got moving to their bluegrassy tunes, and laughing to Arann’s steady stream of banter and improvised lyrics.

Arann Harris 1All of a sudden there was a tuba followed by a clarinet in the crowd, and the entire band came into the fray for their last song. I would hire these dudes for any event and I plan to go to their other local concerts (they aren’t based in Ukiah but seem to play here a lot).

Arann Harris 2

To recap: Last night we got dressed up (always fun), ate a local and mostly organic gourmet dinner, got our groove on to great music, and it didn’t cost us a cent! Ukiah… don’t ever change.


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