When Carson stays home…

  • He makes German pancakes for breakfast (using this recipe)
  • He plants new rows of radishes in the garden
  • He scrubs our kitchen sink until it shines
  • He fixes broken benches and chairs
  • He hangs mirrors that I’ve had resting on the floor directly beneath where I’ve been meaning to hang them for months
  • He finds the best movies on Netflix, and humors me when I ask him not to watch anything violent
  • He takes sunset walks around town with me, telling me the names of everything in bloom
  • He never gets sick of me, even when I’m being grumpy and/or still wearing sweatpants at 3 pm
  • He only drives me the tiniest bit crazy, which is impressive since many things drive me a lot crazy
German pancake

A damn fine pancake

Jones st sunburst

Sunburst on Jones Street

Sunset on Oak st

Stormy sunset on Oak Street

Carson in chair

A damn fine man


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