Walnut facepalm

I’m not sure I can adequately express how dear my boyfriend Carson is. He is a man of many talents – firefighter, beekeeper, farmer, animal expert, champion cuddler – but I often fail to understand how his clock ticks. Here’s a prize example.

This fall and winter he spent months drying two full grocery bags full of walnuts he collected from obliging trees (walnut trees are like weeds around here), and then days – nay, WEEKS – shelling them. The result? Two gallon-size bags of walnuts in our freezer. So far I’ve used them in salads and many batches of gluten-free banana muffins. The other day I thought I’d make a treat and baked a big batch of chocolate walnut brownies, using real flour. “There’s a surprise for you when you get home,” I texted him.

“What’s my surprise?” he asked as he walked in the door several hours later.
“I made brownies,” I said as I enthusiastically held up the tray for him to take one.
“Oh?” Silence. I pressed him. “What do you mean, oh?”
“I don’t particularly like walnuts.”


It’s possible I smacked him for this while shrieking, “Why on earth would you shell so many of them then??”


Walnuts, anyone?

Of course he ate them anyway. After all, “The brownie part is good.”

And they were good. If you’re in the mood for a simple brownie I doubled this recipe, but I used 6 eggs instead of 8, and 1 cup butter instead of 1 1/2.


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