Cruising Ukiah

Meet my latest crush in a long string of Mendocino love affairs: a cruiser bike.

bike 2

I’ve had my eye on this model ever since I saw one at the Not So Simple Living Fair in Boonville last July. Dave’s Bike Shop had donated two of them for a raffle, and I was instantly jealous of the winners (having failed to buy a single raffle ticket, not yet realizing I longed for a bike).

I haven’t owned or really ridden a bike in a decade, but Ukiah’s streets are both flat and generally void of traffic – my ideal riding conditions.

The people at Dave’s are incredibly friendly and helpful.  They gave me a very fair trade-in amount on Carson’s old bike, which came off the already low price of $195. I also got a coupon for a free tune-up in six months. I don’t know if that’s standard with a new bike or a result of my childlike enthusiasm. (As I took my first test drive around the parking lot I couldn’t help but exclaim, “it’s like being five again!”)

I went in thinking I’d get a red or possibly lavender bike, but this dark green beauty spoke to me. It said, “I may be a cruiser, but I’m not a wuss.”


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